Connecting Brands & Experiential Tours with America's Best Events & Venues
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Connecting Brands & Experiential Tours with America's Best Events & Venues

The Exclusive Door to 475 Million Face-to-Face Consumers

 Why SponsorSource Gets It Done

“Why Us” is the question. 

The SponsorSource Event & Venue Networks are your answer.

SponsorSource lives and breathes events — state and county fairs, major festivals, street fairs, music festivals, rodeos, “taste of” events, and all the rest.

Events are not your only answer. SponsorSource has all of your key markets covered with “Un-Convention-Hall” Venues for 365 Days a Year Foot Traffic.

For nearly 25 years, SponsorSource has been working with marketing agencies and national and regional brands across the country.

As a platform for your brand’s success, our focus is on:


  • Instant Callbacks
  • Instant routing option availability


  • Up to date data
  • 25 years experience “working out the bugs”
  • Clear understanding to match your goals

Successful Results

  • Match your targets, timing, and objectives
  • All designed to increase your market share

We understand event & venue dynamics. We know how to identify and take advantage of the marketing opportunities they present. We also understand consumer dynamics and how to tap into and drive the activity and enthusiasm that events & venues offer, to maximize exposure and dollars.

  • We know what works, what doesn’t, and why.
  • That’s why we’re asking you these questions:
  • Why devote your precious resources identifying and researching opportunities to
    route your brand or tour to them?
  • Why wonder who to contact, then wait, and wait, for someone to return your call or email?
  • Why guess about things as critical as what events & venues deliver, what events & venues are “user-friendly”, where the best locations are?
  • Why take-on activation logistics and trouble-shooting headaches all by yourself – when your can call the “event & venue experts” instead?

Don’t reach for the aspirin – reach for your mouse and click here!