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The Exclusive Door to 475 Million Face-to-Face Consumers

Face-to-Face Sponsorships

Sponsorships have long been an important marketing vehicle for major brands. From highly visible sports venues, logo-branded scoreboards and racecars, athletes’ apparel, and concerts, they are an essential part of any integrated marketing campaign.

If you want to make an impression – actually millions of impressions – it’s a great idea … but it’s going to take millions of dollars to do it. What if you don’t have millions to spend? Maybe you want to launch a new product, be an exclusive provider, or elevate your brand above the competition. Think face-to-face sponsorships instead.

Make real connections between your brand and real people. Sponsoring fairs, festivals, and consumer events gets your brand logo – your brand message – and your brand experience in front of millions of consumers over a short period of time for a lot less money. You’ll also create tangible interactions and activations with real consumers to amplify your brand’s recognition.