Connecting Brands & Experiential Tours with America's Best Events & Venues
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Connecting Brands & Experiential Tours with America's Best Events & Venues

The Exclusive Door to 475 Million Face-to-Face Consumers

Mobile & Sampling Tours

Interestingly, you’ll hear marketing experts across the country acknowledge the value and success of experiential marketing programs like mobile and sampling tours, yet at the same time, you’ll hear that experiential marketing – one of the most effective marketing vehicles – is not being tapped to its full potential. Why? Because there are so many moving parts and variables involved in creating a mobile/sampling tour – it’s the Rubik’s Cube of marketing programs.

Maximizing Your Experiential Marketing

Our philosophy is if you’re going to make the effort to use experiential marketing – use it in a way that maximizes your exposure. Guerilla and retail POP marketing are popular methods, and certainly simpler and less expensive to activate than mobile/sampling tours, but those face-to-face opportunities depend on chance interactions driven mostly by social media. Events & Venues are different. There are tens of thousands of consumers already gathered with favorable demographics, giving you tens of thousands of face-to-face opportunities to interact – daily. There are advertising and social media possibilities to draw attention to you before your activation, and concerted efforts to direct consumers right to you. Not much is left to chance.

SponsorSource has been an integral partner working directly with brands and with marketing agencies on thousands of mobile tour and sampling stops at hundreds of events & venues from coast to coast. Nobody else in the industry can offer you this scope of knowledge and experience. When we’re working with a brand or an agency on a tour, we understand our major role: Create fast, accurate and successful results. So, how do we do it? SponsorSource gets you the information you need – fast. No more digging for opportunities, figuring out who to call, waiting for callbacks.

We already know the details about hundreds of events & venues. We know their demos, attendance, their best locations, their opportunities and their quirks. We know what to ask, and we know who to talk to – in fact, we probably have their cell phone numbers. Odds are nearly 100% that we have routed tours to them in the past. We can help you structure a mobile tour or sampling program from the ground up, create a great routing schedule, or help redirect a program that’s run off the tracks. The insight and advice we share was gained from routing thousands of successful tour stops. With the right program elements, your mobile tour won’t just be near an attraction at an event or venue – you are an attraction. We are hands-on during the entire tour schedule, simplifying the process for you by providing accurate logistical details and activation information, and solving any problems that come up.