Connecting Brands & Experiential Tours with America's Best Events & Venues
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Connecting Brands & Experiential Tours with America's Best Events & Venues

The Exclusive Door to 475 Million Face-to-Face Consumers

The SponsorSource Event & Venue Networks

The SponsorSource Event & Venue Networks were designed for mobile tours and national marketing campaigns. They encompass state and major county fairs, festivals, taste events, cultural events, music festivals and lifestyle events, as well as “Un-Convention-Hall” venues for 365 days a year activations. Many events are the largest in the state, which reach within every market. For when the perfect event does not match your brand’s activation dates, we have all of your key markets covered with a variety of venue options to match your brand’s focus. That translates into the potential to connect face-to-face with over 475 million consumers within the Networks. Whether it’s a nationwide or regional marketing program, or one targeted to certain demographics or lifestyles, our Event & Venue Networks have your target audience and we can drill down through the Networks to deliver the best opportunities any time, anywhere. City by City, Week by Week, Day by Day.

SponsorSource has worked with many of these Network events & venues for decades. We know the staff, the buildings and grounds, and most importantly, the opportunities for marketers and their activations. Their staffs know us too – and they know we’ll want our clients to be in the best locations, have the flexibility they need and have the best opportunities for exposure. And because we route more tours,  you will share in the advantages that provides.

You can reach tens of millions of consumers face-to-face easily and quickly, with just one point of contact.

The SponsorSource Venue Network has over 275 Million Attendees at "Un-Convention-Hall" Venues for 365 Days a Year public foot traffic. Our Venue Network is primarily composed of City Centers, Shopping Areas, Amusement Parks, National Landmarks, & More. 

The Fair & Festival Network features state, major county fairs and festivals - typically the largest events in each state - with more than 200 million consumers attending. It offers tour routing flexibility and enhanced opportunities to engage consumers face-to-face.

City-by-city, the Top 30 DMA Network is focused on delivering regional Event powerhouses on a year-round basis when you need them and where you need them..